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The International Academic Symposium on Agricultural and Rural Environmental Protection (The First Announcement)

作者: 来源: 2024-02-07

With the social goals of resource-saving, environment-friendly and sustainable agricultural development, the focus on agri-environmental protection and food safety has increased. The agricultural environmental governance initiative is committed to driving global efforts to tackle ecological safety. Through international collaborations, we aim to foster the development of effective technologies and strategies to combat this growing global agri-environmental issue. Our mission is to support international and national guidance on agricultural environmental action plans and contribute to safeguarding crops and human health, as well as protecting the environment. The international conference will be held in mid to late October, 2024, in Dali, Yunnan Province, China. This conference encourages comprehensive discussions, encompassing critical environmental aspects and firmly integrating them into the One Health framework.

  1. Conference Theme

Agricultural and Rural Environmental Protection and Governance.

  1. Conference Content

The conference will feature sub-sessions on Green and Efficient Control Technologies for Heavy Metals and New Pollutants in Farmland, Resource Utilization of Livestock and Poultry Manure and Wastewater, Recycling and Utilization of Rural Waste, Farmland Degradation Restoration and Ecological Enhancement, as well as a special session for graduate student forums. The conference will invite renowned experts from both domestic and international arenas to deliver keynote speeches, with approximately 3 invited presentations for each sub-session and additional specialized presentations.

  1. Conference Date and Venue

a) Conference Date: Mid to late October, 2024.

b) Conference Venue: Dali, Yunnan Province, China.

  1. Conference Organization

a) Hosted by Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

b) Organized by (continuously updated)

l Dali,Yunnan, Agro-Ecosystem, National Observation and Research Station

c) Co-organized by (continuously updated)

l National Collaborative Innovation Alliance for Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Heavy Metal Pollution in Agricultural Land

l National Rural Environment Governance Science and Technology Innovation Alliance

  1. Conference Services

a) Registration: Participants are required to register by scanning the QR code provided below. The registration deadline is August 30th, 2024. In case of technical difficulties, participants can fill out the conference receipt form (see attachment) and send it via email to

b) Registration Fees: Participants are required to pay the registration fee through bank transfer. The fee is 1600 RMB/person for regular participants, 1000 RMB/person for full-time graduate students with valid student ID, and 3000 RMB/person for corporate participants. On-site registration fees are 1800 RMB/person for regular participants, 1200 RMB/person for full-time graduate students, and 3500 RMB/person for corporate participants. The conference registration fee will cover venue rental, conference facilities, and the production of conference materials. Accommodation and meals are not included and are the responsibility of the participants.

c) Payment Methods

l Bank Transfer

Account Name: Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Bank: Agricultural Bank of China, Tianjin Binshui West Road Branch

Account Number: 02190101040001154

Note: When making a bank transfer, please specify International Conference - Participant's Name (Affiliated Organization) for invoice tracking. The deadline for bank transfers is before September 14th, 2024 to guarantee accommodation.

l On-Site Payment

On-site registered participants can pay in cash or through scanning a QR code. Credit card payments via POS machines are not supported.

d) Invoice Instructions

The registration fees will be collected by Agro-Environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Formal invoices for participants will be issued electronically after the conference. If a physical invoice is required, please specify in advance.

e) Contact Information

Contacts: Li Jiajia, Cai Yanming

Phone: 86-22-23616890

Fax: 86-22-23695659


  1. Other

We sincerely welcome the participation and sponsorship of relevant companies and organizations. Interested companies and organizations are encouraged to contact the conference organizers.

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