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    General Affairs Office

    Scientific Research Department

    Financial Department

    Research Center of Agro-Environmental Pollution Remediation

    (3 Innovation Research Teams )

    Remediation of Farmland Heavy Metal Contamination

    Ecotoxicology of Heavy Metal

    Soil Organic Contamination Control

    Research Center of Agro-Environmental Monitoring and Precaution

    (3 Innovation Research Teams )

    Monitoring and Precaution of Cropland Environment

    Risk Assessment of Environmental Hazard Factors

    Agricultural Resource and Environment Data Mining and Information

    Research Center of Agricultural Ecology

    and Environmental Management

    (3 Innovation Research Teams )

    Pollution Prevention and Control of Animal Husbandry

    Agricultural Biodiversity and Ecological Safety

    Rural Environmental Construction

    Environmental Impact AssessmentDepartment

    Journals Publishing and Information Service Center

    Achievement Transfer and Technical Service Center

    Forensic Center of Agro-Ecological Environment and Agro-Product Quality Safety

    Dali Pilot Station