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    Agro-Environmental Protection Institute (AEPI) of Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) was established in 1979 upon the approval of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, which was directly under the leadership of the Ministry of Agriculture. In 1997, the institution was incorporated into Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science (CAAS). In 2002, with the national reform of science and technology institutions, it was approved as a non-profit scientific research institution.

    AEPI currently has 134 staff, including 1 talent under the “Hundred-Talent Scheme” of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1 outstanding talent in agricultural scientific research of MOA, 4 members of “131 Talents Project of Tianjin"(the first level), 7 outstanding position talents of CAAS, 52 senior researchers,48 persons with Ph.D, 34 persons with master’s degree, 33 graduate student tutors and 6 doctoral tutors.


    Agro-Environmental Protection institute has carried out over 400 programs funded by the Nation or the Provision, and has achieved over 60 prizes, 6 patents, 35 publications and more than 700 papers on the related Journals since 1972. Now we become a scientific basis of the Agro-environment protection research and a center of the Agro-environmental Monitoring net.