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The experts of AEPI attend the SAIN WG4 mid-term project workshop


September 10th to 14th, Prof. RenTianzhi and his colleagues attended the mid-term project workshop in UK. The project“Knowledge, policy and practice for sustainable nutrient management and water resources protection in UK and Chinese agro-ecosystems” is sponsored by MOA and Defra. The goal of the project is to use nutrient management to control the non-point source pollution through comparing the UK-China policies and technology for non-point source pollution, selecting the better methods to apply in UK and China; with the actions, to promote developing the sustainable agriculture.


In the workshop, Prof. Ren introduce the achievement of Chinese experts during the past a year. Then he gave the delegation a quick look of the policy and technology of NPS control. In the workshop, the experts from CAU, NWUAF, SOAS, University of Lancaster, British Geological Survey show their achievement. Finally, all experts make an agreement on the follow-up project.