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Delegation Led by JariKoskinen, Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Visited AEPI


On Feb. 27-28th, a delegation led by Jari Koskinen, Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, visited Agro-Environmental Protection Institute (AEPI). During the visit, the two sides held a work meeting and compared notes on cooperation and development of scientific institutes and enterprises from the two countries. Sun Guifeng, a research fellow at the Department of International Cooperation of Ministry of Agriculture, Jin Ke, Director of the Division of National Affairs of Department of International Cooperation of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS), RenShenxin, Deputy Director of Tianjin Municipal Commission of Rural Affairs, Wang Hongjun, Director General of Tianjin Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Bureau, Xia Zhenghuai, a director from Tianjin Municipal Commission of Science and Technology, Ren Tianzhi, Director of AEPI, and Zhu Yan, Secretary of AEPI, attended and addressed the meeting.
Sun Guifeng pointed out that given the long-term cooperation of Finland and China, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry would thrash out a "Five-Year Cooperation Plan" at the second group meeting for Sino-Finnish agricultural cooperation so as to determine subsequent moves, promote the establishment and operation of Sino-Finnish joint demonstration farm, and provide a cooperation platform for agricultural development and innovation of the two countries. She hoped that scientific institutes and enterprises from both countries should make full use of the platform to deepen cooperation on biomass, agro-environmental protection, as well as animal breeding and farming sewage treatment.
Director RenTianzhi and Zhang Keqiang, a reseach fellow and Chief Scientist from Livestock Breeding Pollution Control Team, introduced the status quo, positioning and progress of AEPI, and made three proposals on the establishment of Sino-Finnish joint demonstration farm in Tianjin, the co-foundation of Sino-Finnish Joint Agro-environment Technology Lab, and the joint declaration of international cooperation projects, respectively.
JariKoskinen appreciated and countenanced the practical ideas and actions of AEPI, encouraged AgrifoodResearchFinland (MTT) and AEPI to further discuss subsequent cooperation, and called for the foundation of Sino-Finnish joint demonstration farm in Tianjin.
So did officials from Tianjin Municipal Commissions of Agriculture and Science & Technology, with a view to offering energetic support to Sino-Finnish scientific cooperation on agro-environment.
During the visit, the delegation also went on an inspection tour at Tianjin Ninghe Native Swine Farm and Tianjin Today Health Dairy Co., Ltd. The delegation was accompanied by 40-odd deputies from Finnish Embassy in China, FINPRO, Finnish Fur Breeders' Association, HKScan, Pellon Group Oy and other business entities.