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Agricultural EcologyAnd Environment management Research Center

Pollution Control over the Animal Breeding Industry

Agricultural biodiversity and eco-safety

Rural Environment Construction

Research on the technological systems and corresponding policy measures of the environmental pollution control for the large-scale livestock and poultry breeding. Probe for the technical modes of livestock wastes treatment and recycling usage

Research focus:
  1. Regional planning of animal raising farm.
  2. Pollutants monitoring and systematic reduction technologies on animal farming.
  3. Key safety treatment and use technologies of breeding wastes
  4. Technical and economic assessment and the administrative policy of the wastes treatment.
  5. System technology system of pollution control over the animal breeding in sensitive catchments.
Research focus on agricultural biodiversity conservation & utilization, technology & mode of modern ecological agricultural.
Research focus:
  1. The effect and mechanism of soil biodiversity, ecosystem process and ecosystem function .
  2. Setting up the index system based on the soil organisms in intensive farmland ecosystem, studying on tech of ecological control and remediation of farmland soil ecosystem.
  3. Studying on the environment-safety technological systems for intensive farmland ecosystem.
Studying on rural environmental monitoring and pollution control technologies. Exploring new models of  rural landscape and self-management.
Research focus:
  1. Identification of main factors and migration mechanisms of typical pollutants in rural areas.
  2. Monitoring, evaluation and early warning for pollutants in rural environment.
  3. Research and demonstration of rural landscape design based on circular economy theory.
  4. Process optimization and equipment development concerning different types of rural domestic sewage treatment technology.
  5. Selection and optimization of process for collection and disposal of rural living garbage
  6. Research of self-management mode and policy for rural environment protection.

Development of the information management system based on GIS