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Agricultural Environment Monitoring and Precaution Research Center

Monitoring and Precaution for Cropland Environment

Risk Assessment of Environmental Hazard Factors

Agricultural Resource and Environment Data Mining and Information

Developing technologies and guidelines for environment monitoring of farmland Study on the mechanisms for precaution-response management
Research focus:
  1. Plot selection for soil monitoring and precaution
  2. Index systems for soil monitoring and precaution
  3. Platform construction for monitoring and model development for precaution.
Research area: the Screening , rapid detection and risk assessment of environmental risk factors.
Research focus:
  1. Rapid screening and morphological identification of environmental risk factors.
  2. Multi channel precision and fast screening of organic pollutants.
  3. Quantitative assessment of environmental hazard factors.
  4. Standard material development of environmental risk factors analysis.
  5. Traceability technology of environmental hazard factors.

Engage in the monitoring and assessing the pollution risk of agricultural products, pollution prevention and control of heavy metal pollution in farming areas , and capability verification of pesticide residues and heavy metal detection for the inspection center of MOA.

To establish agricultural resources and environment data mining and information decision support system based on the target of food safety in China.
Research focus:
  1. Research on intelligent expert system of planting management and service at the county level.
  2. Research on field heavy metal pollutions medium-term forecasting system