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Agricultural Environment Pollution Remediation Research Center

Ecotoxicology of Heavy Metals

Remediation for Heavy Metal Contaminated Farmland

Soil Organic Contaminant Control

Mainly study on the characteristics of heavy metal absorption, transformation and metabolism in soil microbes and in crops. Exploring measures to inhibit the transport of heavy metals from soil to crop seeds.
  • Team chief:Prof. Liu Zhongqi

  • Chief aid:Dr. Zhang Changbo

  • Visiting Specialist:Prof. Zhou Dongmei

Research focus:
  1. Study on the ecological characteristics and influence factors of heavy metal cadmium in polluted farmland.
  2. Study on the transport mechanism of cadmium ion in polluted farmland.
  3. Study on the rapid identification technology of rice varieties for low accumulation of cadmium.

Screening of rice varieties for low-accumulation cadmium

60 varieties for early-season rice and 200 varieties for late-season rice were planted in farmland with Cd content over permitted range in Xiangyin county of Hunan Province. The tolerant ability of varieties to cadmium and cadmium concentrations in seeds were analyzed. The results showed that abilities of cadmium accumulation were significant differences among varieties in rice root, leaf and brown rice at different growth stages.

Mainly study on chemical remediation methods: the mechanisms and technologies of immobilization remediation for agricultural.
  • Team chief:Prof. Xu Yingming

  • Chief aid:Dr. Wang Lin

  • Visiting Specialist:Prof. Qiu Rongliang

Research focus:
  1. Development on functional materials of immobilization remediation for heavy metal contaminated agricultural soil
  2. The effects and stability of in situ immobilization remediation for heavy metal contaminated agricultural soil
  3. Regulatory mechanisms of immobilization remediation for heavy metal contaminated agricultural soil.m.
  4. The influence and mechanisms of immobilization remediation on soil environment quality

Development of immobilization agents and its immobilizing mechanism

Combined Remediation for Heavy Metals Polluted Acid Paddy Soil

Meta-synthesis of multi-remediation technology and its demonstration and popularization

Mainly study on degradation technologies of soil organic contaminants in croplands

Chief: Yongtao Li

Research focus:
  1. Interface behavior and pollution process of soil organic contaminants
  2. Molecular ecological mechanism of environmental pollution
  3. Pollution control, biological remediation and ecological restoration of contaminated soil.
  4. Quality improvement of cropland and utilization of resources.