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Yujin Li



Agro-Environmental Protection Institute,

Ministry of Agriculture

Address: No.31 Fukang Road, Nankai District, Tianjin

300191, P. R. China

Phone: +86-22-23619906

Fax:  +86-22-23610159




Education Background

Yujin Li, an agricultural environmental scientist by training, received his BSc degree in Agronomy (1982) from Nanjing Agricultural University, China.

Research Area

He was deputy director of Agro-environmental Protection Institute, Ministry of Agriculture. He devoted to agricultural environment monitoring and early-warning research. The focus was placed on developing technical system, proposing monitoring scheme, and building management platform in this field.

He has taken charge of more than 20 research projects, including National Key Technology Research and Development Program of China during the “11th Five-Year Plan”, Special Fund for Agro-scientific Research in the Public Interest, etc. He also won the Award for Technological Advances/Progress, Third Place, and another 5 Provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress awards.

Research Group

He was head of the Research Group for Environment Monitoring and Early-warning for Agriculture Producing Area. The group had 7 researchers, including 1 research professor (chief scientist in this group), 4 associate professors, and 2 research associates.

The group was the technical director of the national project titled in “Prevention and treatment of agricultural soil heavy metal pollution in China”. Up to now, the group totally proposed 7 technical schemes, held 7 training courses (more than 800 persons), drafted more than 30 suggestions, inspected 70 organizations, held 10 academic conferences, etc.


He has published more than 60 articles and technical reports, and 9 books and monographs, and drafted more than 100 suggestions for Chinese government departments.