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Qiwen Zhou


Agricultural Enviromental Protection Institute,

Ministry of Agriculture

Adress:No.31 Fukang Rd.,Nankai District,Tianjin,300191,P.R.China

Phone: +86-22-23612262

Fax: +86-22-23613820





Professor Zhou was the deputy director general of AEPI ,and the leader of agro-environmental quality supervision inspection & testing center(Tianjin),MOA.

He majored in agricultural environment monitoring and evaluation.focused on risk assessment of environmental hazard factors, evaluation and forecast of agricultural environment situation, and Agricultural environmental controlling.   

He has completed more than 20 projects, published More than 30 scientific publications ,established or revised over 10 criterions, and got several patents.

The current research projects that led by him mainly include data mining of soil heavy metals monitoring database, and assessment regulation of environmental quality of agricultural products growing area,improvement of quality safety of rice,and system and mechanism innovation of rural water pollution control, etc.

He was in charge of the innovation team named by risk assessment of environmental hazard factors. The advantages of the team are rapid detection of pollutants, morphological identification of pollutants,standard material development of environmental inspection, assessment of environmental pollution and tracing of environmental hazard factors. as a supervisor, he supervised several postgraduates.