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Keqiang Zhang


Agro-Environmental Protection Institute of M.O.A. (AEPI)             

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS)

Address: No.31 Fukang Road, Nankai District, Tianjin,

300191, P.R.China


Fax: +86-22-23616689




Educational Background

He received his BSc degree in Agricultural Microbiology (1990) in Huazhong Agricultural University, his MS degree in Environmental Engineering (2000) in Tianjin University and his PhD in Environmental Engineering (2005) in Tianjin University.

Research Area

Dr Zhang Ke-qiang is an agro-environmental protection expert with more than 25 years experience in the areas of : (i) innovative protection and treatment technology of intensive livestock waste and its available use in Agriculture; (ii) Agro-ecological environmental policy, legislation and regulation with corresponding compensation mechanism, administrative approaches and assessment criteria; (iii) strategies for agricultural non-point pollution treatment.

Dr Zhang Ke-qiang has has been Team Leader / Project Coordinator of a series of national and local projects dealing with agricultural wastes comprehensive management issues. Worth mentioning are: (i) in the framework of PDSFI-A8 and A25 from 2009 to 2011, he was the key coordinator on China side in charge of project formulation, implementation, practical dissemination and publicity and have achieved fantastically fruitful outputs yielding extensive influence spreading out the EU and China; (ii) “Key technologies for utilization of livestock wastewater resources and land irrigation”, 2006-2010, financially supported by M.O.A, where he was responsible for the management and implement of the programme; (iii) under the Sino-Germany & Sino-Australia Bilateral cooperation programme, he was involved in the policy and technology of biogas with livestock waste and crop straw as feedstock; (iv) in the “948” M.O.A., relevant international collaborate in the field of nano-water treatment; (v) he is appointed by Yemen Special Foundation Development to preside over the technical evaluation of the Biogas Units Supported by the Social Fund for Development; (vi) Under the programme of “Better management of freshwater aquaculture in Pingjiang County, Hunan Province, Peoples Republic of China” funded by FAO, He is responsible for the eco-remediation of intensive aquaculture wastewater; (vii) keeping pace with governmental cooperative intension to push forward the CAAS-SLU-JTI Agriculture & Environment joint laboratory between Chinese and Swedish academic agencies.

Dr. Zhang Ke-qiang is also the head of the Dali Agro-environmental Scientific Observation Experimental Station, MOA. The main task is to provide good scientific research platform and technical support for the sustainable development of agriculture and rural areas in the southwest of China.Prof. Zhang is also the coordinator of “CAAS-SLU&JTI JOINT LABORATORY FOR AGRICULTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY” on China side.

The main projects and programmes that presided or participated by Dr. Zhang Ke-qiang are followed as below:

(i) “Technology and Equipment Research & Demonstration with biogas treatment and utilization used of Life sludge” (2013-2017), Non-profit Industrial (Agriculture) Research Projects, financially supported by the MOA

(ii) “Technology Integration and Demonstration of Non-Point Source Pollution Prevention and Control in Agriculture in Intensive Agro-Regions of North China”, The 12th 5 years National Scientific and Technological Support, financially supported by the MOEP.

(iii) “Sino-EU Cooperation on the Research of Agricultural Clean Production Technology Practice and Eco-compensation Policy for Addressing the Climate Change”, PDSFII-A2, A10, supported by the Chinese MOFCOM, MOA and also the EU DG AGRI.

(iv) “Technology integration with three kinds of energy–biogas, straw gas and solar”, 2007-2009, financially supported by the MOST.

(v) “Low-cost treatment and reuse demonstration of domestic wastewater”, 2007–2009, financially supported by Tianjin Rural Committee.

(vi) “Efficient regeneration and reuse technology on rural domestic sewage”, 2005-2007, financially supported by the MOA.

(v) “Turning agricultural stalks into feedstuffs and fermentation exploitation”, 2006-2008, financially supported by the MOA.

(vii) “Harmless treatment technical integration and demonstration on milch cow excrement” 2007-2009, financially supported by Tianjin Science & Technology Committee.

(viii) “An innovative treatment technology for high-strength wastewater and its reclaimed on Agriculture”, 2001-2003, financially supported by Sino-Australia special fund programme.

Publication and Prize

More than 60 scientific publications