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Xiangqun Zheng


Laboratory of Rural Environmental Control

Agro-Environment Monitoring Center, MOA

Address: No,31,Fukang Rd, Tianjin,

300191, P.R. China

Phone: +86-22-23615001







Education Background

Major Projects

1.  National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaRelease behavior of heavy metals and its impact to safety of water in soils of wastewater-irrigated areas under the soil salinization. (January 2014 to December 2017, 75 thousand yuan, project director.)

2.  The National Science & Technology Pillar Program during the 12th Five-year Plan Period: Development of Rural Environment Assessment and Early Warning Platform. (January 2012 to December 2015, 695 thousand yuan Project director. )

3.  2012 agricultural ecological environment protection project: Environmental monitoring of agro-product Area. (January 2012 to December 2012, 2.1 million yuan, project director.)

4.  Welfare (agricultural) industry-specific topic: Research on pollution threshold values of soil heavy metals for leafy vegetables. (January 2009 to December 2013, 1.82 million yuan, project director.)

5.  2014 agricultural ecological environment protection project: Technology demonstration of safe production mode and planting structure adjustment of the Southern rice. (January 2014 to December, 2014, 60 thousand yuan, project director.)

6.  State Department South Office Project: Construction plan of ecological zone on both sides of the middle route. (January 2011 to December 2011, 10 thousand yuan, project director.)

7.  Agriculture industry standards and amendments (quality safety of agricultural product) project: Drawing specifications of thematic maps for rural environmental monitoring and assessment. (January 2014 to December, 2014, 10 thousand yuan, project director.)

8.  Tianjin information technology projects: monitoring, forecasting and decision-making system of pollution-free agricultural.January 2008 - December 2010, 20 thousand yuan, project director.


1. X.Q Zheng*, F. J Shen, S.A Zheng, Argaman E, Blumberg D, Ben-Asher J, Amir S. Estimation of regional evapotranspiration and biomass production from remote sensing data by artificial neural network (ANN) method, Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, 10(3-4), 1558-1561, 2012. (SCI)

2. Zheng SA, Chen C*, Zheng XQ, Li S. Effect of reclaimed water irrigation on the distribution of organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in different size of aggregates in sandy purple soil, China Environmental Science, 32(11), 2053-2059, 2012. (SCI)

3.Shun-an Zheng*, Xiangqun Zheng, Chun Chen. Leaching behavior of heavy metals and transformation of their speciation in polluted soil receiving simulated acid rain, PLoS ONE, 7(11), DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0049664, 2012. (SCI)

4. S.A Zheng*, X.Q Zheng, C Chen. Transformation of metal speciation in purple soil as affected by water logging, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, DOI: 10.1007/s13762-012-0146-3, 2012. (SCI)

5. S.A Zheng*, X.Q Zheng, T.L Zhang, S.T Liu, X.C Li. Distribution and fractionation of heavy metals in soil profiles irrigated with wastewater for different lengths of time, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 21(10), 2881-2890, 2012. (SCI)

6. Ding YZ, Feng RW, Wang RG, Guo JK, Zheng XQ*. A dual effect of Se on Cd    toxicity: evidence from plant growth, root morphology and responses of the antioxidative systems of paddy rice, Plant and Soil, 2013DOI: 10.1007/s11104-013- 1966-8. (SCI)

7. Shunan Zheng, Tieliang Zhang, Xiangqun Zheng*, XiurongYao, and Shutian Liu. Assessing transformation of lead and cadmium speciation by kinetic approach in fluvo-aquic soil of Tianjin area, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 2011, 20 (7a): 1797-1803. (SCI)

8. S.A Zheng, T.L Zhang, X.Q Zheng*, X.R Yao, S.T Liu. Assessing transformation of lead and cadmium speciation by kinetic approach in fluvo-aquic soil of Tianjin Area, China, Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, 20(7A), 1797-1803, 2011 (SCI)

9. ZHENG Shun-an, ZHENG Xiang-qun, LIU Shu-tian, XIAO Xiu-rong. Aging process of Crin 22 typical soils of China and influence factors analysis.34(2), Huan Jing KeXue, 698-703, 2013.

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12. ZHENG Shun-an, CHEN Chun, ZHENG Xiang-qun, LI Song. Effect of reclaimed water irrigation on the distribution of organic carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus in different size of aggregates in sandy purple soils. China Environmental Science, 32(11), 1309-1313.

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15. SHI RongguangCAI YanmingZHENG XiangqunLIU ShutianWANG Yuehua. Contamination characteristics and source analyses on heavy metals in farmlandrunoff of the Tianjin suburban areas, Journal of arid land resources and environment, 25(5), 213-217, 2011.

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1.  ZhengXiangqun, Che Ming, Shi Rongguang, ZhangTieliang, Wang Xia, A chamberof data collection for pollution-free agricultural production, [P] 2012.9, ChinaZL 201 2 2019295.3.

2.  Shi Rongguang, Zhao Yujie, Zhou Qiwen, Zheng Xiangqun, Liu Shutian, Zhang Tieliang, Li Xiaohua, A portable soil sampler, [P] 2012, China, ZL 2011         20512448.3.

3.  Shi Rongguang, CaiYanming, PengShengwei, Zhang Hao, ZhouQixing, Liu Fengzhi, Zheng Xiang qun, A mobile adjustable rainfall simulator, [P] 2010,

China, ZL 2009 2 0162414.9


1.  Tianjin science and technology progress award: Quality monitoring and evaluation techniques for safe quality of agro-product area, 2010. (The third prize)

2.  China agricultural science and technology award: Quality monitoring and evaluation techniques for safe quality of agro-product area, 2009. (The third prize)

Part-time in Overseas Academic Institutions / Magazine

1.  Zheng Xiangqun was the total contact person of expert group of soil heavy metal pollution prevention of agro-product area, MOA.

2.  He was the Member of guidance experts Beautiful Countryside Construction, MOA.

3.  He was the director of the Laboratory of Rural Environmental Control, Agro-Environment Monitoring Center, MOA.

4.  He was the director of the Beautiful Countryside Environmental Planning and Research Center.

5.  He was the editorial board of Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment.

Additional Information

Construction of Rural Environment Team was founded in 2013 and the total investment funds was 2.14 million yuan. Currently, the team was composed of one chief, four Backbone experts and three assistant researchers. The mainly research contents of the team were: monitoring technology of rural ecological environment and identification of environmental main-control factors, emulation of rural environment-related material flow and simulation of typical contaminants migration and transformation, study of rural sewage monitoring technology and optimization of wastewater treatment engineering, treatment and resource recycling of rural solid waste, comprehensive evaluation and early warning of rural environment, rural environmental design, assessment and optimization.

Zheng Xiangqunreceived his BSc degree in Agriculture environmental(1997) from the China Agriculture University, Beijing, China, his MS degree in Computer Applications from the Tianjin University (2003), Tianjin, China, and his PhD degree in Computer Applications also from the Tianjin University (2008),Tianjin, China.