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Xiaowei Liu


Agricultural Enviromental Protection Institute(AEPI)

Ministry of Agriculture(MoA)

Adress:No.31 Fukang Rd.,Nankai Dist.,Tianjin,300191,P.R.China

Phone: +86-22-23611006

Fax: +86-22-23611160




Education Background
He received his BSc degree in precision instrument (1986)from the Tianjin University,China.
Research Area

He is executive deputy director of agro-environmental quality supervision & testing center, MOA,Tianjincommissioner of national agricultural products quality and safety risk assessment expert committee and director of chromatography institute of Tianjin.

He majors in environmental factors risk assessment of agro-product quality safety and pollution monitoring.

The research projects that led by him mainly include standard setting of heavy metals in agricultural products safety, research and development of agro-environmental standard materials and developing instrument of heavy metals rapid detector.


Papers: More than 20 scientific publications

Agricultural Standards: more than 10

Innovation Team

The name of the  invovation team is risk assessment of environmental hazard factors . There are 12 researchers in the team. The advantages of the team are rapid detection of pollutants, morphological identification of pollutants and standard material development of environmental hazard materials.