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Yanlin Hou


Agro-Environmental Protection Institute (AEPI) ,

Ministry of Agriculture Chinese Academy of Agricultural

Sciences (CAAS)

Address: Fukang Rd 31, Nankai District,

Tianjin Municipal City, P.R.China


Fax: +86-22-23613820



















Education Background

Houyanlin received his Ph.D. in Soil Science (1989) from the Institute of Applied Ecology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and onePost-doctoral degree in Water and Soil Resources (1990) from China Agricultural University, another Post-doctoral degree in Soil Physics (1997) from Iwate University, Japan. In 1997, he was employed as a talented person by the talent of “one hundred people” of the Chinese academy of sciences.

InterestingResearch Area

Houyanlin is the head of Science and technology innovation engineering team in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS), and interestingto study on agricultural big data mining and information.

The main research area is ecological balanced fertilization, the diagnosis and prediction of soil moisture, plant diseases and insect pests forecasting, grain production potential forecasting, analysis of heavy metal pollution in farmland, regional water resources protection and so on.


More than 80 papers

M. Li, Y. L. Hou*, B. Zhu. Phosphorus sorption–desorption by purple soils of China in relation to their properties [J]. Australian Journal of Soil Research; 2007,45(3):182–189.

W. Guo, Y.-L. Hou*, S.-G. Wang, Y. -G. Zhu.Effect of silicate on the growth and arsenate uptake by rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings in solution culture [J].Plant and Soil, 2005,272(1):173-181.

WANG Xin-Min,HOU Yan-Lin*.Effect of continuous vegetable cultivation on phosphorus levels of fluvo-aquic soils [J].Pedosphere, 2004,14(2):171-176.